Friday, July 12, 2019

Perth, Western Australia Trip 2019 - Day 3 - Taking Train to Mandurah, Perth , Western Australia

Day 3, waking up later than usual after yesterday long day sightseeing and no rush to day 3 outing. All on our own and our own time, so we will be a little relaxing. Today, we decided to visit Mandurah, we need to take a bus to the train station to take the train to Mandurah. As suggested by my Aussie friend, we dont have to go all the way to Perth Train Station from our accommodation, we just take a bus from the bus stop near our accommodation and alight at Murdoch Train Station and take a train from there all the way to Mandurah Train Station.

Finally, today we get to see the surrounding of our accommodation haha. Saw a beautiful little town in the area with beautiful flowers.

Very common to see new houses being built in the town.

Now being autumn, wonderful to see the beautiful colours of autumn.

As we walked towards the bus stop, we spotted so many birds and parrots. Wow parrots in the wild and never did we saw this type of parrots before. I think they are known as little corella birds.

Finally at the bus stop, there's only one bus to Murdoch Train Station and is 998. We bought a one day train ticket which could take unlimited rides on the train and buses for 24 hours. It is cheaper to get the one day train/bus ticket pass and we will be taking numerous rides. The cost of the one day bus/train pass I think is A$12.90 (if I remember right).

Soon we reached the Murdoch Train Station in no time. Make our way down to the platform by just showing our day pass to the staff at the gate.

The train journey took about 40 minutes. On reaching, we can take either Bus 588 or 589 (just show our day pass to the driver, no need to buy additional bus fare).

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