Monday, July 29, 2019

Perth, Western Australia Trip 2019 - Day 5 - Fremantle Morning Sightseeing and Breakfast

Day 5 at Fremantle, my friend and I had breakfast in one of the cafe inside Fremantle Market. Another friend of ours decided to sleep in and skip breakfast haha.

After breakfast, we walked around the square and took many photos of the beautiful colonial buildings.

Town Hall, St John's Square, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

Red and White building

It was a Sunday, the street looked so deserted, most of the shops dont open on Sunday except for Fremantle Market and some major shops.

Saw some beautiful graffiti painted on the walls along Adelaide Street.

At 11 am, we check out of the airbnb apartment. Before taking a direct bus from Fremantle to Perth City, we made a last minute shopping.

Wow the clothes were so cheap and I bought many tee shirts and cute dresses for my grandnephew and grandnieces and they were only A$5 per piece.

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