Thursday, February 20, 2020

Okinawa, Japan Trip 2020 - Day 3 - Morning Buffet Breakfast with Okinawan cuisine (Travelled in January 2020)

Day 3, we decided to have buffet breakfast in Hotel Gracery. As we are hotel guests, we can get the buffet breakfast at discount rate by ordering the buffet at least one day in advance so the night before we already paid for our buffet breakfast. The discounted price is 1650 yen otherwise we need pay 1980 yen.

For breakfast, a buffet featuring Okinawan cuisine as well as an abundant variety of local ingredients

The breakfast is more Okinawa style and less western style. I find the price a bit expensive, so we only try once for the buffet breakfast.

Okinawa Soba noodles

This is Okinawa sea grapes, very popular in Okinawa. At first, I thought sea grapes is a kind of grapes but it actually some kind of seaweed.

I actually enjoyed the dessert and cakes the most haha.

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