Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cambodia Trip 2009 - Hotel in Phnom Penh

This is a very new hotel. It wasn't even officially opened but we stay there anyway. It is so cheap, it costs us only US$15 per night, the cheapest hotel I ever The hotel is very clean and new.

It was about 3 storey high and comes with a lift.

In the room, there are two queen size bed.........this is the Hubby and me each occupied one bed each...hahahaha

The bathroom is spacious but it does not comes with a bath tub, with such a cheap room rate, I am not complaining. There's no hair dryer either but I think they will install later once they are fully operational.

There's no dressing table yet but there's a huge TV.

There's a mini fridge but no safe box so we need to bring all our valuables along with us.

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