Monday, December 14, 2009

Tuk Tuk Transport

We get a chance to try out the tuk tuk in Cambodia. It was so fun.
The tuk tuk in Cambodia is actually a Motorcycle with a passenger trailer behind serving as taxi.
Our friendly tuk tuk driver. Every morning, he would come so early to our hotel and wait for us and see if we need his service. But most of the time, our relatives came to fetch us in a mini van to tour round the city.

Another cheaper way to get around the city in Cambodia is to ride in a motorcycle taxi. The driver must wear a helmet while the passenger behind is not required to put on a helmet. Sometimes there are more than two people sitting behind the driver. I saw as many as four people on the motorcycle taxi.
Hubby saw a man sitting on top of a pig's but I was too late to take a photo of it.

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