Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cambodia Trip 2009 -Phnom Penh- Wedding in Cambodia

As mentioned, I was in Cambodia briefly just to attend a relative's wedding. They throw the wedding dinner in a wedding hall like those in the below photos. The halls are named A, B, C, D, etc. The whole street is mainly for holding wedding and there are hotels above the hall for guests that flown in from other provinces of Cambodia or overseas. The hotel that I stay is behind this street.

Closer look at a Cambodian Wedding in Hall D. Inside is quite spacious and nice.

The heart shaped box is for collecting gifts of money in ang pow (red packet).
The wedding couple would then walked round the wedding cake with their respective parents three times and then they would feed their parents a slice of cake. Very interesting.

After the cutting of cake, guests would used the streamers to spray onto the wedding couple.
Guests would then turn wild and dance. It really was so interesting but too bad I dont have the permission from my friends and relatives to show the video.

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