Sunday, July 27, 2014

Siem Reap 2014 - End of Sightseeing

Our driver brought us to the ferry terminal for our sightseeing of the floating village in Tonle Sap and to catch the sunset. As the rain has stopped but the weather very cloudy, doubt we can see any sunset. Moreover as there are only four of us, we could not take the bigger ferry, need to take the smaller boat. So we are not so keen and been seeing too many floating villages in our past travels so decided to give it a miss.

We still have some time left, so to kill time, the driver brought us to visit a workshop that employs the disabled.

They did wood carving and weave silk clothings.

Samples of Cocoons

Samples of silk threads

Bought a silk shawl from the souvenir shop as a support to the group, managed to bargain about 50% and got it for US$25. You can see the photo of two different shawls that I bought, the pricer one (US$25) was from the souvenir shop while the the cheaper one (US$4) bought from the night market. On sight cant tell the difference of the two until you touch the material, one is smoother while the other is a bit rough. I guess most will keep the pricer for own use while the cheaper make great gift hahaha. Not sure if the cheaper shawl is real silk material although the night market vendor claimed was 100% silk.

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