Monday, July 28, 2014

Siem Reap Trip 2014 - Dinner with show at Kulen II Restaurant

After a whole day of sightseeing, we got our driver to fetch us back to hotel and rest. Not deciding where to take our dinner, our driver was kind enough to suggest that he will fetch us to have dinner and show at Kulen II Restaurant which is about 5 mintues ride from the hotel. So we arrange to meet at the hotel's entrance at 6.30 pm. Was feeling so much better after a good bath and change of clean clothes hahaha and went to meet our driver.

We need to make our way back to the hotel on our own after dinner, as the driver will be off duty.

The restaurant was quite huge and there were lots of people taking dinner, is best to call and make reservation at the restaurant. Our driver did the reservation for us. The price was US$12 per person for the buffet and show.

There were wide range of food in here but they were slow to replenish empty trays. Best to arrive early for dinner.

There were staff manning different stations to cook food on the spot.

Hahaha had a sumptous dinner

Egg drop soup

Curry Chicken

Dessert and fruits

There were about four different dances, were really interesting to watch.

At the end of all the performaces, they allowed guests to go up the stage to take photos with them, no need to pay to have the photos taken.

Some short videos of the performances.

Dance with coconut husks

Cambodian Khmer Traditonal Dance

Fishermen's Dance

Tinikling Dance

After having dinner and watching the performance, we had to take the tuk tuk back to our hotel cause of the sudden heavy downpour of rain, could not make our way to the night market.

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