Friday, July 18, 2014

Siem Reap Trip 2014 - Night Market

After dinner, we went shopping at the night market near PUB Street.

Came across the arts centre, selling mostly handicraft and artworks.

It was nice to stroll in the night where the weather is so much cooler than the day.

The flowery/printed pants were popular in Siem Reap, bought some of it for just US$3 per piece. Some of the pants were poorly sewn so beware of torn seams but they served well as pyjama pants.

We then headed to Siem Reap Night Market, just followed the neon light indicated "NIGHT MARKET".

Lots of scarves sold in the night market, they claimed was 100% silk but I am not sure but anyway I bought US$4 for a double colour "silk" scarf where the single colour costs US$3. I actually bought another scarf from a souvenir shop for US$25, was the real silk material, I did a comparison and could tell the difference between the two. Will post and tell at end of my travel story.

Popular Cambodian BBQ available at the night market, we did not dine here but at another restaurant in PUB Street , will post the exciting BBQ when I comes to that post.

Map of the various night market, dont worry about looking at the map to find the night markets, there were neon lights directing you to the different night markets, if not asked around, you sure be able to find the night markets. The night markets all sell basically the same thing, just remember to bargain at least 50% off the original price quoted.

Original map easily obtained from hotel's tour desk.

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