Monday, August 03, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Tokyo - Day 6 - Morning Breakfast at Pronto, Shinjuku

Day 6 - As we did not booked our hotel room with breakfast, we need to look for breakfast on our own. There's many choices for morning breakfast around Shinjuku and near our hotel (Kadoya Hotel). Found a nice cafe just opposite our hotel that have very nice coffee and breakfast. There's many such cafes in the area too and there's Macdonald and KFC breakfast in the area too all near our hotel.

Pronto has breakfast set at only 390 yen, a good bargain. The set comes with drink, bread and salad. They too sell other bread and cakes too in addition to the breakfast set.

Before coming to Japan, I was worried the standard of living is very high and heard from many friends that it is expensive to have meals in Japan but I guess the drop in the exchange rate really helps. I did not even spend all the yen that I changed before coming to Japan lol. Best to change your yen before coming to Japan cause the rates are not good in Japan and there's not many money changers in Japan. I found only two money changers in the whole of Shinjuku.

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