Monday, August 31, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Tokyo - Day 8 - Airport Limousine Bus (From Shinjuku To Haneda International Airport)

Finally, we were ready to go back our hotel to collect our luggages (we checked out by 11 am and left our luggages with the reception as our flight was around midnight).

We need to take the airport limousine from Keio Plaza Hotel to Haneda International Airport. We managed to buy our bus ticket the day before. It was very easy to purchase the bus ticket. We bought it from Keio Plaza Hotel Lobby. The hotel staff will make reservation for the bus seats on the time that we wanted. Then we just walked over to the ticket machine (the staff will show you) to purchase the bus ticket.

The bus timing schedule at Keio Plaza Hotel.

The bus reservation receipt (printed by the hotel staff).

The bus tickets issued when we paid at the machine in the hotel. Keep the tickets with you till you reach the airport. The bus staff will tear a portion of the ticket. The ride from the hotel to Haneda International Airport is about 1 hour.

For those taking the airport limousine bus from Shinjuku Train Station, there's a ticket office on the ground level of the station facing the road.

This is the same spot to take the bus too (infront of the ticket office).

While waiting for the bus to arrive, we browse a mini exhibition of antiques in the hotel lobby. They were so beautiful. The hotel is indeed very beautiful, too bad we could not stay at this hotel cause we could not get any cheap promotion price.

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