Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day 2 - Guan Qian Jie, Suzhou (观前街苏州)

Guan Qian Jie is a popular pedestrian shopping street in Suzhou. It was located just next to our hotel. So it was really very convenient and we dont have to worry about taking any transport to and fro from hotel and shopping street.

Preparing oysters/shellfish on the floor, looks kind of unhygenic to me.

Xuanmiao Taoist Temple built in 276 AD, it has been renovated many times due to damage sustained during the wars of past dynasties. Originally, the temple was called Zhenqing Taoist Temple. It was renamed Xuanmiao Taoist Temple during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). It is one of the most renowned tourist attractions in Suzhou as well as a key cultural relic under state protection. (Source)

The reason for the long queue to purchase the freshly hand baked bread was that they only baked 20 bread at one time to ensure the freshness and warmess of the bread when sold.

I will post photo of the bread when I purchased them on the next day at another branch where the queue is shorter.

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