Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Xian Trip 2016 - Xian to Singapore via Hongkong (Almost missed our connecting flight back to Singapore)

At the Cathay Pacific Counter in Xianyang International Airport, we checked in our luggages and made sure they tagged our bag to "Singapore" and not "Hongkong", so we dont have to collect our luggages in Hongkong Airport, when we made our connecting flight.

There's lot of restaurants and eateries at the airport before clearing custom, we should have taken our meal here instead of inside the transit area. So dont make the same mistakes as us if you need a meal, take your meal first before proceeding inside the transit area cause there's only one miserable cafe inside.

The one and only cafe inside the transit area was so miserable and not cheap. There's lots of option of food choices indicated on the menu behind the girl but is for show only, most of the items in the menu were not available. We only had some pastry and tea.

The Dragon Air plane was late in arriving in Xian cause of bad weather, our flight was delayed by more than one hour, I was a little worried that we might missed our connecting flight in Hongkong. On second thought, we should have missed our connecting flight cause the next available flight was some eight hours away and I could claimed some insurance money of few hundred bucks for missed connection and do some shopping in Hong Kong Airport, hahaha.

All was well, we finally boarded the dragon air plane to Hongkong.

We had some chicken and rice with vegetables for inflight meal and Haagen Dazs Ice Cream. After some 2 hours, we finally was to land in Hong Kong but heavy air traffic in Hong Kong and our plane had to circle in the air for another 30 minutes. The captain of the plane announced that there were be airport staff to assist those taking connecting flight, so my worries were all gone.

Our plane finally landed and we only had 20 minutes to take the connecting flight and the plane was parked at different terminal from our connecting flight. It was a mad and hurried walk and we were greeted by the airport staff and there were about five passengers (including 2 of us) to take the connecting flight to Singapore. We had to hurry and followed the airport staff and took the special lane to transfer and security and then board the internal train to the next terminal and then to the boarding gate of our flight. Finally after all the mad rush, we were at the gate, 5 minutes before the plane fly and sadly there's no time to even shop some wife Cake (Lao Po Bing/Lou Po Beng) 老婆 at the Hong Kong International Airport.

Another nice hot meal in the connecting flight from Hong Kong to Singapore. Cannot remember what it was, think was some curry and chicken or fish with rice.

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