Sunday, July 31, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day 3 - Pingjiang Historic Street

A short cab ride from our hotel is Pingjiang Road.

The name “Pingjiang Road” originated from the old city name of Suzhou – “Pingjiang”. This 800-year old street is the best preserved ancient “water lane” ( in contrast with “water town”) in Suzhou. It is a 1600 meters long street set alongside with a north-south canal, starting from East Beita Road (北塔东路) in the noerth to East Ganjiag Road (干将东路) in the south. (Source)

It was a very old street, with houses converted into shops and restaurants. Spend less than an hour in here and made our way out to the shopping street near our hotel.

Once we were out in the main road, we came across the famous bread shop (this is another branch). The queue in this branch is much shorter than the other branch we saw the night before. So we decided to buy the bread and yes, we queue more than half an hour.

Each time, they only baked 20 loaves of bread, that explained the long queue and waiting time but the bread is really served hot and very tasty.

Some raisins in the bread, the bread is very soft and delicious.

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