Saturday, July 09, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Transportation from Sunan Shoufang International Airport to Suzhou City

After almost more than five hours, we finally arrived at Sunan Shoufang International Airport in Wuxi (the airport is nearer to Wuxi City than Suzhou City).

It was a very small airport serving both international and domestic airlines. The international airport serves only few international airlines and Tigerair is one of them while the domestic airport is busier serving more domestic airlines, both airports are in the same building.

Okay, now we had to figure out how to go to Suzhou city from the airport at the cheapest option. I cant find much information about the taxi fares from the internet before I arrived here. Although I had information about the airport shuttle bus and we defintely missed the last bus from the airport to suzhou city. But we just decided to walk from the airport to the airport bus shuttle stops just a few minutes walk just to double check if any available bus (turn right from the exit of the arrival gate and walked to the end of the building). Answer is no, no more bus to Suzhou City.

From the official website of Sunan Shoufang International Airport, we found out that the last bus from the airport to Suzhou City is 8.30 pm at Line 8. While the other only available shuttle bus after 8.30 pm is to Wuxi Railway Station, the last bus from airport to Wuxi Railway Station is 12.30 midnight.

Option 1: Take Line 1 Shuttle Bus from airport to Wuxi Railway Station (5 Chinese yuan), take bullet train from Wuxi Railway Station to Suzhou Railway Station (about 20 chinese yuan) and taxi from Suzhou Railway Station to hotel (about 20 yuan and more if after 11 pm midnight charges). But will be very time consuming and tired. Total costs for 2 people is about 70 yuan(about S$14).

Option 2: Take taxi direct from Sunan Shoufang International Airport all the way to our hotel in Suzhou City. After two tolls fee (15 x 2=30 yuan plus the taxi meter of 124 yuan = 154 yuan but the kind driver only take 150 yuan (about S$30) from us). So it is Option 2 for us. So if there's four of you, please dont bother to take the shuttle bus, take the taxi.

At the airport, there's people approaching us to take us to Suzhou City but we ignored them and pretended not to understand mandarin, they leave us alone. Never take unofficial cars. There's two taxi stands at the airport, one is just outside the international airport while the other is outside the domestic airport,they are both very near to each other. Can take from either taxi stands. If there's no taxi at the taxi stand outside the international airport , dont have to drag your luggage to the domestic airport taxi stand, informed the security people at the arrival gate, they will call the taxi to drive over to the taxi stand just outside the international airport. That's what they did for us. Very helpful. But please print the name and street name of your hotel in mandarin cause the taxi drivers cannot communicate in english at all. Most important to print the telephone number too cause not all taxi drivers are familar with the street names.

Option 3: Can consider making Wuxi City your first stop,and Suzhou City your second stop, this way, you can take the shuttle bus to Wuxi railway station (5 yuan), metro to hotel (2 or 3 yuan depending on your hotel location) or taxi from Wuxi Railway Station to hotel in Zhongshan Road (11 yuan).

But from Suzhou to the airport , do note the last Airport Shuttle bus from Suzhou City. You can read more information from source. Do check for regular updated information for any changes to the timing and fares.

Taxi fares from Sunan Shoufang International Airport to hotel in Zhongshan Road, Wuxi is about 61 yuan (no toll fees), This is the amount we paid from our hotel in Zhongshan Road in Wuxi to Sunan Shoufang International Airport.

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