Friday, August 19, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day 5 - Lake Taihu

Our sightseeing for Day 5 is to Lake Taihu. Actually, we planned to visit the Grand Buddha at Lingshan about an hour away and was a bit far from the city. As it was raining heavily, we cancelled the plan to visit the Grand Buddha cause it was really a very big open space without much shelter not suitable for a raining day. So we changed to visit Lake Taihu and no plan to take any ferry cause of the rain and a very bad weather. So we took Bus 20 from the bus stop, which is at the side of our hotel.

Best to take bus to Lake Taihu instead of taxi (of course unless you have hired private car or bus). Cause taking taxi to Lake Taihu is no problem but coming back from Lake Taihu to city by taxi will be a problem cause there wont be much taxi in the vicinity. So taking bus to Lake Taihu, will ensure the location of the bus stop, so easier to take bus back from Lake Taihu to city.

The bus terminated at a theme park. (Forgotten the name of the theme park), no admission on that day cause of the rain, so we could easily walked through the theme park and exit by the side gate to the lake otherwise we need to walk out by the main road.

Hahaha, was so eerie and deserted, hubby and me were the only tourists there, no other tourists or locals.

We walked for about less than 10 minutes and arrived by the side gate of the theme park and exited this side gate and crossed the road to reach the lake.

If not for a wedding at a restaurant, it really was so scary to be the only two tourists there.

So inconvenient to carry the huge and heavy umbrella around cause of the rain.

For those who wished to take the ferry, can take Bus K1 or K87 bus to Yuantouzhu.

Ship Route: Take regular ship at Yuantouzhu Wharf (The last ship is at 15:00)

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