Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day 6 - Nanchan Temple Pedestrian Shopping Street and canals

After the marketplace shopping, we walked over to Nanchan Temple Pedestrian Shopping Street, the weather was fine, all shops were open and the place filled with lots of people unlike the first night we visited here, was raining and deserted. What a huge difference!

Nanchan Temple was built during the Southern Dynasty (549 A.D.) and was originally called Huguo Temple. During the reign of Emperor Xianheng of the Tang Dynasty, the name of Huguo Temple was changed to Lingshan Temple. Not until the reign of Emperor Tiansheng of the Song Dynasty, did it get the name Nanchan Temple.(source.)

Lots of shops and eateries here, we did not shop for anything in here, did not find anything interesting to buy.

Lots of canal waterways in Wuxi and Suzhou, almost all looked the same.

Vendor selling souvenirs.

Video coming later.............

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