Thursday, August 11, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day 4 - Nanchan Temple Pedestrian Shopping Street, Wuxi , China

As it was still raining, people are most probably staying home to avoid the rain. Only tourists like us, have no choice, rain or shine, we had to do what a tourist need to do. It was really so quiet and dark at the popular Nanchan Temple Pedestrian Shopping Street. We came here again on our last day during the day (without the rain), yes , it was really crowded here when the weather was fine.

Took the metro to Nanchan Temple Station and walked towards the Nanchan Temple.

Nanchan Temple was built during the Southern Dynasty (549 A.D.) and was originally called Huguo Temple. During the reign of Emperor Xianheng of the Tang Dynasty, the name of Huguo Temple was changed to Lingshan Temple. Not until the reign of Emperor Tiansheng of the Song Dynasty, did it get the name Nanchan Temple. The area surrounding Nanchan Temple is home to markets selling stamps, coins, flowers, birds and antiques. With its snack bar and teahouse, the area offers a complete experience of food, accommodation, transportation, sights, shopping and entertainment. During the daytime, visitors can view the flowers and go shopping, while in the evening they can appreciate the nightlife under the glow of the temple and tower lights. (Source)

More photos about this popular shopping street when we visited again on our last day in Wuxi.

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