Saturday, August 27, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day 6 - Nanchan Temple Market

After checking out of our hotel, we left our luggages with the reception cause our flight is quite late, so we can have time to go for some last minute shopping.

We took the metro and alight one station away at Nanchan Temple Station. We came here before on our first night but was raining and too dark to really have good time to stroll. This time, the weather was fine and so we had a better time.

After exiting from EXIT 3, we could walked all the way straight to cross the road to Nanchan Temple Pedestrian Shopping but we decided to be more adventourous, we detoured and stroll to a small alley just beside the EXIT 3.

As the small alley is not too dark or deserted, we were brave enough to venture further in and came across some marketing place after crossing some roads.

Wow there's so many roast duck stalls that prices were so competitive, only cost around 15 yuan for one roasted duck, that's really cheap.

Seems like some wholesale place for fruits, super cheap, one box of water melon only 25 yuan (there's 6 medium size water melon in one box) but alas I could not buy them back hahaha.

Interesting to visit the market place, did a little shopping here , prices were really cheap and please be careful of pickpockets and if carrying handbag, beware of snatch theft from motorbikers. I did carry my handbag but I made sure i always stand on the inside while my hubby stand outside and keep taking good care of my bag (our passports were inside).

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