Thursday, November 13, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 3 - Danshui Night Market

Went to Danshui (Tamsui) via MRT and alight at Tamsui MRT Station. The old street of Danshui is same side as the MRT Station, there's another night market opposite the Tamsui MRT Station.

Am very surprised it was so quiet during a weekday, the last time I came here was a weekend and it was very vibrant and crowded, dont visit Danshui night market during weekday.

Many shops and restaurants were closed at the old street, had these miserable looking dinner in one of the shop that opened.

Taiwan is famous for its night market and the snacks were mostly deep fried. After few days of snacking, we were quite bored by the deep frying snacks and not very healthy especially we were all in our fifites and sixties.

This is how quiet it was, with most shops closed.

So we decided to hop over to the night market opposite Tamsui MRT Station, is a different story over here. We should have our dinner on this side, more restaurants and eateries were opened on this side compared to the old street.

Did not take much photos of Danshui cause already visited here before in my last trip, went again cause to bring my eldest sister and her hubby, their first time visiting Danshui.

Can view more photos of Danshui from my previous trip in 2011.

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