Monday, November 17, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 4 - Train from Shifen Station to Ruifang Station and Public Bus from Ruifang Station to Jiufen

Time to depart Shifen, we took the train back to Ruifang Station.

Once the train started, the warden will go round checking the ticket.

On reaching Ruifang Station, we alighted and make our way down the stairs and just followed the signs and arrows indicating Jiufen, our intended destination.

Remember the train ticket from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang Station, need to produce on exiting Ruifang Station.

On exiting from Ruifang Station, we crossed over to the other side of road where there's a Wellcome Supermart. The bus stop is just next to the supermarket. Bus 1062 and 1063 goes to Jiufen and the fare is NT15 and about 15 minutes ride. Best to sit infront of the bus cause can only alight at the front door and tap your MRT/Bus Card or pay in cash on exiting.

Huge signboard on the Taxifare from Ruifang Station to Jiufen cost about NT180. It was cheaper taking the bus.

They now have a new bus stop (with grey shelter), is located near the pavilion. I remembered my 2011 trip, the bus stop is just infront of the pavilion. Sometimes the bus driver will shout out is the bus stop for Jiufen Old Street in mandarin.

After alighting, just walked all the way to the old street, entrance just beside the seven-eleven supermart.

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