Thursday, November 20, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 5 - Xinbeitou

After breakfast, we took a slow walk around Taipei Main Station.

Decided to head to Xinbeitou to view the hot spring.

Took the MRT from Taipei Main Station to Beitou Station and transfer another train to Xinbeitou.

Can collect a map of the hot spring from the Xinbeitou MRT Station.

Easy to locate the hot spring, lots of map and signs and directions along the way.

Came across the hot spring museum and decided to pop in and have a look. Admission is free.

Need to change into slippers, blue slippers for men and red slippers for women.

After visiting the museum, we came across a stream and the water flowing into the stream were from the hot spring and were warm, can dipped our feet into the stream. This is free instead of paying entrance fee to those hotspring house to dip our feet hahaha.

Turn left on seeing this yellow painted hotel to visit the beautiful thermal valley.

Saw this stall selling some eggs, the small eggs were quail eggs, medium size were chicken eggs and the large size were goose eggs.

Finally we reached the thermal valley. Please do not climb into the pool, it was really hot.

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