Thursday, July 07, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day 1 - Booking of Tigerair Tickets and Tigerair Meals

Our next trip was to Suzhou/Wuxi, China. Saw this new route, Wuxi/Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, by Tigerair. We did not managed to get the earlier cheaper promotion fare, but at about S$311.47 per adult, we found it reasonable, we saved some money by paying through AXS instead of credit card. It was easy to pay through AXS, the machines were easily available at most MRT Stations, minimarts, malls, etc.

As it was only a few days trip and we dont normally shop a lot, so we save money by not checking in our luggages but we did preorder our meals together with our air ticket which comes with a discount. Each meal comes with a bottle of mineral water and coffee/tea. Pre-order means we were be served first but our flight being 3.50 pm and the meal served around 4 plus pm, it was neither lunch or dinner, so we asked them to serve us later around 6 pm. Our returned trip was 11 pm, we did not order any meals for our returned trip cause it was sleeping time.

Soya sauce chicken rice meal with mineral water and tea

Nasi Lemak meal with mineral water and coffee

The food was tasty and hot and the flight was smooth and time passes fast, soon we were in China ahead of time.

Tigerair being a budget plane dont provide pillow so I brought my own pillow to cushion my back cause I had a fall 2 and half weeks before my trip. Lucky I did not have broken bone but the fall on my tail bone is very painful, took 3 weeks to heal.

My pillow hahaha , no regret bringing my pillow, cause make my ride more comfortable especially when my back still hurts due to my fall. At my age, I had to be extra careful about my health, more about my health in Day 3. :(

Also a tornado in Jiangsu had the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Singapore) send us warning message and to take care. So it is very important to register with the ministry before travel and also to buy travel insurance.

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