Friday, July 29, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day 3 - Singhealth Clinic Suzhou

Day 3 of my trip, I have fallen ill. My intention was to get some medicine from the pharmacy. Unfortunately, the Watson in China are just beauty shop with no pharmacy nor pharmacist unlike the Watson in Singapore. The chinese pharmacy in China are mainly dealing with Chinese medicine as I am more used to western medicine, I was quite panicky. Luckily I remembered about some Singapore doctors had a clinic in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park. I quickly google for the address (yes, thankfully Hotel Soul has the google service available).

Singhealth Medical Clinic (新宁诊所) Address: 198 XingHai Street, XingHai Building 1st Floor (opposite Global 188, XingHai Metro Station, Exit 2) Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province Address in Chinese: 江苏省 苏州工业园区 星海街198号 星海大厦一楼 (地铁星海广场2号口)

The metro station of the clinic is few stations away from our hotel so it was quite convenient. Once out of Exit 2 of Xinghai Metro Station, the clinic is visible, is just next to the exit.

Luckily, a Singaporean doctor was available and I felt so much relieved as we could communicate in English and I could get the western medicine that I needed. The fee is not cheap, I paid about 520 yuan (S$100+). Important to get a travel insurance and more important to get one travel insurance for pre exisitng illness(for those who are taking medication for pre existing illness) in order to be able to claim for all these medical expenses.

So there's goes my 3rd day sightseeing, we were supposed to go to Tongli but had to cancel the plan. So we just strolled around the SIP and have lunch here.

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