Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City - Ben Thanh Market Part 2 - Street Scene

It is so strange and funny that the hawkers can do business in the middle of the road without caring about the oncoming vehicles.

This woman just stop her cart at the junction of the busy road (without traffic lights), she was trying to sell her different and colourful glutinous rice.

Another common sight was this drinks stall, they just put some tables and chairs and they could start a drinks stall.

I was just standing by the pavement and watch all the ongoings on the street. The hawker successfully sold a pair of sunglasses to the tourist. The hawker just stop in the middle of the road to sell his sunglasses.

This is even funnier. They dont have a kitchen and they just put some charcoal in stove on the roadside and BBQ some food and sell them.

I have to stand a distance to photograph this noodle stall that was set up in a corner of the street. The owner dont seems happy that I took a photograph of her stall.
There are many such hawkers hawking their food and fruits on the streets in Ho Chi Minh City. I dont see many beggars in the city (I could only encounter only four beggars during my travel there.)

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escape said...

oh yeah benthan. i believe we spent the most time there buying things and haggling.