Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City - Lacquer Ware Factory

Finally we reached Ho Chi Minh City from Vung Tau. Before checking into the hotel, we visited a Lacquer Ware Factory.

Lacquer wares are decorated with egg shells. Fantastic works, I did not know they are eggshells.

Baskets filled with broken eggshells.

Workers decorated objects with eggshells. Some of these workers are handicapped. The factory employed them so that they can earn some money. Very nice of the factory.
They need to design the patterns first before they can decorate the lacquer wares with eggshells.

It need very steady hands to do these jobs. Very beautiful and these workers are talented.

After decorating the lacquer wares, they are sent for washing.
And finally to the shop for sale.

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