Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City - Antique Street

Our final night in Vietnam, we made a trip to Antique Street. Antique Street used to be a street selling only antiques. But now only less than 30% of the shops sell antiques. Most sold goods for tourism.

As hubby and me walked along Antique Street, we took time to admire the buildings around us.

Antique Street lighted up at night. Normally, the streets are not so beautifully decorated even the local guide does not know the reason why they are lighted up...lol. I guess some kind of celebration is on the way.

A short video showing Antique Street with brightly and beautiful lights.

You must watch this video. The traffic chaos in HCM City is scary, no traffic lights and they can just move on from left to right and straight ahead...lol and the wonderful thing is they are very patient and give way to each other.

I think if I was caught in this type of traffic chaos, I would just walked out of the car....lol.

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escape said...

we also spent our last night in that area. a beautiful park actually.