Friday, July 10, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Sapporo - Day 1 - Century Royal Hotel Sapporo

After exiting from the train station, we looked out for the signs that indicated Daimaru cause our hotel is situated next to Daimaru. We choose to walked out of Sapporo Station on street level instead of using the underpass that leads to our hotel cause we had huge suitcase so is easier to drag on street level instead of carrying up stairs in the underpass.

Once exited out of Sapporo Station, we could see Century Royal Hotel, Sapporo on the right next to Daimaru.

The underpass inside Sapporo Station also leads to our hotel, lots of signs to direct to the hotel, easy to find. Note the stairs, not suitable to walk this way if you have huge suitcases.

The hotel reception is on Level 2.

From inside of our hotel room, we could see Daimaru.

Best is to have twin bed room instead of double bed room cause Japanese hotel room are rather small. Everything about this hotel is good, from the breakfast, size of the room, good location and the only negative feedback I have to say is the pillow. I prefer soft fluffy pillow. Their pillow is not comfortable at all.

They even have air purifier.

Hahaha a mini TV in the bathroom.

Video showing from right to left, ESTA MALL (very good for shopping - cheap , especially for the youngsters but note cheap clothings are mainly made from other countries like Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, China, etc but if is a Japanese brand, worth buying cause I guess they have quality control, the workmanship is good - can you imagine I bought 5 pairs of socks for only around 300 yen, is Japanese brand but made in Myanmar - will talk about this in later post.) and central building is Daimaru/Stellar Place (lots of good restaurants, eating places, price very reasonable) and lastly Century Royal Hotel at the end of video.

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