Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - How to make connecting flight from Haneda International Airport to Haneda Domestic Terminal to Chitose Airport.

On arrival at Haneda Airport, once we exited from the plane, just followed the directions that stated arrival, go through immigration procedures and claimed our luggages (depending on whether your luggage is auto rechecked by the airline but for our trip, we need to claim our luggage and recheck them).

Then exited the arrival hall,turn to the right and looked for signs that stated Domestic Connecting Flight, need to look for the check in counter (either JAL or ANA depending on which airline you are booked) to recheck in our luggage into the domestic plane. Less than 5 mins walk from arrival hall to the check in counter.

Depending on your airline, go to ANA counter if yours is ANA airline but as our connecting flight is also Japan Airlines, we went to the JAL counter to recheck in our luggages. Then head to the opposite side to take the free shuttle bus to the domestic terminal. ANA and JAL are two different terminals, just look for the bus with the respective airline logo, wont go wrong.

There's cafe and resaurants in the domestic terminal, had our lunch before boarding the plane but I was so tired , did not manage to sleep in the plane, so was looking forward to have my nap in the hotel in Sapporo hahaha.

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