Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Sapporo - Day 3 Lunch and shopping

After our visit to the Chocolate Factory, we went back to the hotel and kept our chocolate cookies in our hotel room and went back to Stellar Place in Sapporo Train Station to have late lunch.

Went back to our favourite restaurant, Nangokusyuka Restaurant hahaha. They must have a good chef, the food is really very good and food served steaming hot. This is a buzzer. The best thing was that the staff do not disturb us and let us have our time going through the menu and when we decided what to order, we just had to press the buzzer, the staff will come to us. Anytime we need their service, we just had to press the buzzer.

We order half size for the Japanese fried chicken (the normal size is more than 1000 yen, half size is less than 1000 yen), we decided to order half size so we can order more dishes.I noticed most restaurants in Japan have half size , it was really great cause the normal size sometimes can be too much for small eaters.

Mapo Tofu - really very good

Sweet and Sour pork - guess is a bit too little, should get the normal size hahaha cause hubby loves the sweet and sour pork.

Total bill is 3396 yen, very reasonable but the japanese rice is really expensive 300 yen per bowl.

The restaurant has a great view, loves watching the taxi queueing area. They were very orderly. The 2nd row of taxi wont move until the first row is empty of taxis then all will move together to first row.

Short video of the taxis.

After lunch, we went to The Bridge , is really The Bridge. Above the bridge runs the trains from Sapporo Station. The bridge is just next to our hotel. Think they make full use of empty space under the bridge to build some shops. It really noisy each time the train pass above.

Daiso is really small in here, will recommend you to visit the 5 storey Daiso near Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade (will tell more in later post).

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