Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Sapporo - Day 1 - Taking night flight on Japan Airlines

At last, back from my Japan's trip and very happy about it. My first trip (but 2nd for hubby but his was working trip so he did not have time to shop or sightsee during his previous trip.) was a very successful trip even though we did not make a trip to Mt Fuji, already anticipated cause is raining season. Will post about this in later post and information on how to go Mt Fuji with photos on the bus terminal.

Japan Airlines departed from Changi Airport Terminal 1.

The economy seat was very spacious.

There's drink menu and you can order any drinks you like from the airline crew.

Ours was a night flight, were given bottle of mineral water, lights were switched, time to sleep but we still could watch inflight movie. A bit disappointed that we do not get night kit like Singapore Airlines, where there's eye mask,socks, ear plugs, toothbrush/toothpaste.

Two hours before landing, lights on, breakfast served and disappointed again, bread so cold. No menu to choose what breakfast, in my various night flights from other airlines (Singapore Airlines, Korean Airlines) we were given to choose either the country breakfast or western breakfast and bread served hot.

Sorry to say everything about Japan Airlines is good except the inflight meal for economy class is not to my expectation and I did not pay promotion fare either. If I would take Singapore Airlines I would have pay a bit more only but cause I wanted the same airline as the connecting flight so I choose JAL. Hope they would improve on their inflight meals.

And soon we were be arriving Tokyo Airport and flying above the runway, I spotted a mountain far away and YES, is Mount Fuji. So happy to be able to view Mt Fuji from the plane. You have to sit on the left side of the plane on Singapore/Tokyo Sector.

Zoomed on the mountain, wow pretty but best view will be winter where you can see the mountain covered with snow.

Video of view of Mount Fuji from the plane and landing at Haneda International Airport, Tokyo, Japan.

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