Thursday, July 16, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Sapporo - Day 2 - Otaru - Oldest Railway Line in Hokkaido, Hokkaido Ice Cream and Market (Yubari Melon)

Map of Otaru Canal can be obtained from Otaru Train Station, just walked all the way straight down to Otaru Canal as per the map. The walk is about 10 mins but longer as we stopped and looked at the sights and shops.

It was summer in Hokkaido but the temperature was about 17.5 degrees celsius on Day 2 and on Day 3 was about 15 degrees but felt colder than that. Poor me, I did not know it would be that cold in Summer, did not brought along my woolen cardigan so I wore two jackets (my denim jacket and a windbreaker - brrrr).

Saw these rickshaws offering rides to customers, it was quite expensive about S$30 for two passengers for 10 minutes rides if I am not wrong.

ALong the way, we spotted Hokkaido Oldest Railway Line, is not in used anymore. It was beautiful that they kept the railway tracks and the many wild flowers growing in the area is a pretty sight.

I wonder if this is white sakura flowers. It sure look similar.

Although the weather is so cold, it was nice to eat Hokkaido Ice Cream, the ice cream does not melt cause of the cold weather.

A shop selling all kinds of seafood and fruits.

Wow the Yubari Melon was very expensive, spotted one that goes for 9800 yen about S$108, OMG. Yubari Melon is the most expensive fruit in the world.

Could purchase one slice for 400 yen but the one slice is from the cheapest range of melons not from the expenisve melon.

The melons were expensive cause they were guaranteed for its sweetness.

Another most expensive must be the crabs. My hubby could not eat crabs due to health reason, I could not finished one whole crab by myself. So sad I got to forgo this but during one of my meal, I did ate noodle with the crab legs only.

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