Friday, July 25, 2014

Siem Reap Trip 2014 - Ta Prohm

After lunch, we visted Ta Prohm. This temple is different from the rest of the temples. Due to neglect, the temple were merged with the jungles, which explained the several trees seem to be rooted into the temple walls.

Another reason why the temple was so famous, it was because of the movie, Tomb Raider, which starred Angelina Jolie. Some scenes of the movie was shot in this temple.

Pictures of the before and after restoration of the temple.

Some restoration works still being done at the temple.

As it was starting to drizzle, we hurried out of the exit, but seems like we exit at the wrong exit. We were supposed to meet our driver at the east part of the temple.

Then came the heavy downpour, we had no choice but to take a tuk tuk to look for our van. The ride was only US$2 and luckily we found our van but the kind driver had already run into the temple with four umbrellas to look for us lol. The rain stopped as quickly as it came and brother in law went in to look for the driver.

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