Thursday, July 17, 2014

Siem Reap Trip Day 1 - Dinner at Khmer Kitchen Restaurant

Day 1 dinner was at this lovely Khmer Kitchen Restaurant. I highly recommended you to try the khmer food, they are really good. The food served was steaming hot, I dont like food served cold. Kind of regret of having dine in here once only, should have make time to go there again during my trip.

The restaurant is directly opposite the old market. (see my map).

There are so many different types of food in the menu and the price is so reasonable. Please note prices are all quoted in US$ in Siem Reap, they used US$ currency. Dont bother to change too much cambodian riel, but you can choose to pay in cambodian riel too.

Brother in law ordered french fries to go with his beer, oh the beer was so cheap in Siem Reap but I dont take beer, dont mind wine though.

Khmer Red Curry (did not ordered the amok) - was so good, could actually taste the spices in it.

Fish cake served steaming hot too, was expecting the fish cake to be cold.

Deep fried spring roll

Long beans omelette - oh this is so good, please order this hahaha, now I have to practise to make this with the same thickness of egg and full of long beans.

Tom yum soup

BBQ chicken wing

Excellent Dinner - but there are many khmer restaurant in Pub Street so dont go to the wrong khmer restaurant. This whole row of shops are facing the old market.

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Alexander said...

The food looks really good here. I'm hungry.

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