Sunday, July 13, 2014

Siem Reap Trip 2014 - Day 1 - Borei Angkor Resort & Spa Hotel

Finally the day for us to travel to Siem Reap but first to drop our lucky draw form at Changi Airport after our lunch at Dynasty Paradise in Changi Airport terminal 3.

Hope the next Changi Millionaire will be me lol.

Surprised to see so many tourists at the arrival hall of Terminal 1, wonder if is because of the peak hours or spill over tourists from "politically unstable" Thailand.

It was only about two hours flight from Singapore to Siem Reap. Was a very plesant and stable ride on Jetstar.

Most hotels in Siem Reap provided free pick up and drop off from airport to hotel and vice versa so do remember to email the hotel that you booked, your flight details. The hotel representative will hold a placard bearing your name. (Our names are not in the picture so dont have to search hahaha.)

Originally we booked four star Lotus Blanc Hotel (we booked the hotel at under member and paid only about S$60 per night-a good deal) but the hotel was undergoing renovation so they gave us a free upgrade to five star Borei Angkor Resort & Spa Hotel which comes under the same group management.

The welcoming lounge looked so classy and beautiful.

We were welcome with nice similes, helpfullness and friendliness from the staff, really feel so great to be in this hotel.

They even play musical instruments to welcome guests.

Our welcome drink made from pandan, tasted cool and great.

Accompanied by their local snack.

We got free upgrade to the bigger Landmark Room cause the deluxe room with pool view was not available. Everything was perfect in here except the wardrobe and hangers were a bit outdated, think they should start changing their wardrobe.

The bathroom was real huge with both the shower room and a nice bathtub. But do be careful when climbing into the bathtub, need long legs to be able to climb into it hahaha.

Complimentary of toiletries of razor, toothbrush, shampoo, foam bath, etc.

The balcony is great to hang your wet swimming costumes to dry after a swim.


Tommy said...

Looks pretty nice.

Alexander said...

Looking like a great trip :D Some interesting instruments. One quite similar to the Chinese Instrument "Yang Qin".

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