Friday, August 28, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Day 8 - Last minute shopping in Shinjuku

After a long day out, we finally made our way back to Shinjuku for dinner and last minute shopping.

Found 100 yen shop near our hotel, hope I marked the location correctly.

The most important food product that I must bring back to Singapore must be the banana cake. As it has a short expiry date of about one week, I decided to buy at the very last minute. Tried to find the banana cake at Takashimaya but surprising they dont sell. :(

So on the information given by the salesgirl, I headed to Odakyu and managed to get the banana cake. Yipee, it tasted so good and delicious, no regret buying. We can also get the banana cake from the airport but prefer to get them in Shinjuku incase I could not find at the airport. Make a wise choice cause it leaves us plenty of times to shop in the airport for other stuff hahaha.

The banana cake comes in 8 or 12 pieces in a box and comes in different flavour. I prefer the original banana cake. The original banana cake costs 1029 yen for 8 pieces in a box and 1080 yen for 8 pieces in a box for the strawberry flavour.

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