Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Tokyo - Day 6 - How to go to Sensoji Temple Asakusa from Shinjuku

Started our sightseeing on Day 6 with visit to Sensoji Temple in Asakua. How to go to Sensoji Temple from Shinjuku Train Station? It is very easy, found the information from Japan Guide.

From Shinjuku Station -Take the orange JR Chuo Line to Kanda Station (10 minutes, 170 yen) and transfer to the Ginza Subway Line for Asakusa (10 minutes, 170 yen).

Information also can be obtained from the handbook that I collected from Japan tourism board in Singapore.

At first, I was so confused and frightened to see the map of Tokyo train lines and not all the lines are shown in this map. But not to worry, there's staff members in uniform to assist.

Above the train ticket vending machines are huge maps with the station names and if in doubt ask the staff in uniform for help. They can speak English. It is faster to ask for help from the staff then figure out ourselves.

We knew we need to take JR Chuo Line to Kanda Station but red and orange looks similar in colour to me (I have bad eyesight) hahaha so need to ask the staff what is the Track Number.

On exiting Kanda Train Station, we looked for directions to take the Ginza Line (need to exit the station,turn right with a U-turn and the Ginza Line Station is just under the train overhead pass/bridge.

We need to buy ticket again to board the Ginza Line to Sensoji Temple and I think Asakusa Station is the last station on the Ginza Line.

On arrival at Asakusa Station, just followed the map to exit to reach the temple.

As it was the raining season, need to fight our way through with umbrella hahaha.

View of Tokyo Skytree from Sensoji Temple, cloud covering the tower.

Video of drinking fountain

Video of the temple version of wishing well.

View of Tokyo Skytree from the temple, was really a tall building and was so cloudy that day, could see the clouds covering the tower. Will post more on this skytree tower in later post, really a nice place to visit.

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