Friday, April 11, 2014

Bali Trip 2014 - Day 3 - Visit to Gold and Silver Smith and Batik Center

Day 3 - Finally we get to do some sightseeing in Bali. We booked our driver via our hotel. It costs us US$50 for a seven seater car for 8hours of tour. We can negotiate the type of tour we want, if unsure, just ask the driver to recommend. Our driver is very friendly and courteous and helpful. Would recommend you to use his service. Definitely cheaper if you book his services direct through him instead of the hotel.

First stop is to Celuk Village where the gold and silver smith are. Nice place for photography and I spend a couple of millions in here ,bought some silver jewellery. Hahahaha couple of millions, lucky is in Indonesian currency otherwise my hubby will faints lol.

Second stop is the batik center, nice to watch how batik was made.

Along the way, we passed by villages after villages of handicrafts of wood, paintings, crafts, stones , sculptures, just ask the driver to stop if you decided to make any purchases.

We did not stop in any of the villages, just watch the scenery from the car, the weather was extremely hot, just wanted to get out of the heat.

Short video of the batik center.

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