Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bali Trip - Day 4 - Kuta Part 1 - Beachwalk Mall

Day 4, decided to have breakfast at MacDonald Rest. in Kuta. The prices were at least 50% cheaper than the MacDonald Rest. back home in Singapore. :) Definitely save a lot instead of paying extra for breakfast in the hotel unless the room package comes free with breakfast, after all I dont take very heavy breakfast.

After breakfast, we decided to walk around Kuta to do some shopping.

About these horse carriages, do bargain a whole lot for the fare. We tempted to take a ride from Kuta back to Discovery Mall but they quoted us RP300,000, we declined and walked away and the prices quoted can drop to Rp 100,000 which I think was still too expensive and worst was the two drivers were competing with each other and look aggressive so we decided to abandon the idea of taking the carriage.

Lots of nice restaurants facing the sea, very relaxing to have meal or drink with great view of the beach and sea.

Finally, we were at Beachwalk Mall just next to Harris Resort Hotel. The Beachwalk Mall is one of Bali's newest shopping centers (having opened in 2012) and is only the second mall to be located next to the beach (the first is the Discovery Mall).

There's a lot of restaurants in this mall and prices are really inexpensive.

The rooftop of the mall is really beautiful and with a great view of the sea.

There's even a foodcourt on the rooftop of the mall and surprised that they also sell Singapore and Malaysia familar food.

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Rajesh said...

Wonderful tour of the city.