Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bali Trip - Day 4 - Dinner at Warung Made

Dinner, we decided to visit Made's Warung as per recommendations by some bloggers but finding the restaurant was a bit a problem. As the map I followed was not to scale, cause I thought there were more turns of side lanes to find the restaurant but the restaurant was famous enough that the many people I asked immediately show me the directions of the restaurant lol.

Nasi CMP Babi Guling(roasted pork with rice and vegetables)

Fried Rice

Curried Chicken

Gado Gado

Fried Spring Roll

The receipt for the dinner.

I think I still prefer the food served in The Beras Merah Restaurant & Lounge restaurant of Adhi Jaya Hotel(the hotel that we stayed).

You can see the restaurant from this map (but is not to scale).

The maps were obtained with the site's consent to print the map from this website

. There's other maps with different languages too.

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