Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bali 2014 - Day 1 - Taking Taxi from Bali Airport to hotel in Kuta

On arrival at Bali Airport (new airport just open late last year), we just followed the easy to understand directions.

Do note that from 1st April 2014, departure tax has increased from Rp150,000 to Rp200,000, you need to set aside this amount on departing from Bali Airport.

After exiting from the arrival hall, we turned left on seeing the sign directing to the taxi counter.

We need to queue and purchase the taxi ticket to our destination. The amount of the taxi fare is stated on the board behind the attendant.

Our hotel is just opposite Discovery Mall which is in Kuta 1, think they overcharged us by Rp10,000. According to the board, Kuta 1 is Rp55,000 while Kuta 2 is Rp65,000. Anyway we decided not to argue is only extra by S$1.10.

The taxi driver will bring you to his taxi from the taxi counter.

On arrival of our hotel, we gave the driver Rp100,000 but the driver claimed he had no change, (very common scenario we witnessed lol), luckily the hotel reception counter is near the car park, so we quickly change the Rp100,000 in smaller bills and ended up giving the driver Rp70,000. So now you know it, try to keep small denominations when taking public transport in Bali.


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It seems Taxi drivers are the same the world over. :)

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