Friday, April 25, 2014

Planning for my next trip - Siem Reap, Cambodia 2014

Planning for my next trip in a couple of months with hubby, my sister and her hubby, after all the voting we decided to head to Siem Reap as Angkor Wat Temple is too attractive to resist. Booked our flights online with Jetstar and I presumed we managed to get the cheapest fare at $1068 for that period, for four of us (including tax, selection of seats, etc.) We paid our fare via SAM Machine instead of using credit card so as to save the booking fee for credit card payment. It is easy to use and pay at SAM Machine, just quote the Jetstar Reference No. and the amount to pay.

We have not booked our hotels yet cause cannot make up our minds which hotel to stay, so much to consider lol. Do we want four star hotel near the shopping area or do we want nice and comfy cheap five star hotel but further from the shopping area? Distance is not much a problem, we could always take the tuk tuk to the shopping area that costs a couple of US$ only. But is nice if we could have cheap five star hotel that is near the shopping area but seems nothing perfect for the moment.

Really like to relax and able to sleep well in nice comfy bed and nice hotels whenever I travel cause sleep is so important to senior folks like us lol.

Managed to find some maps and information from the official site of Tourism Cambodia, which will comes useful for our coming trip.

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LindyLouMac said...

My sister, brother in law and daughter have all visited Cambodia and loved the place. As I have yet to visit will be looking forward to your posts with interest.