Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bali 2014 - Nyepi Day

Today is the day, being Nyepi Day, Bali will come to a standstill and noone allowed on the streets even tourists were not exempted except for emergency vehicles carrying those with life-threatening conditions and women about to give birth.

Managed to get a shot of the empty street but security does not allowed me to venture further out of the hotel's entrance to get a better shot of the long empty street.

The entrance/exit of the hotel's restaurant was covered with canvas which is black in colour on the outside, this is prevent any lights to shine out of the street when night comes. The restaurant will closed at 6 pm on this day cause all lights in the main compound of the hotel had to be switched off.

Had a good night sleep and woke up late as we have nothing to do on this day. Had morning buffet breakfast in hotel as our brunch.

In the afternoon, headed to the pool to swim and relax. What a nice relaxing holiday with no rushing of tours, etc. The hotel do provide movies, board games, etc. and also inhouse tv channels.

For those who decided to dine in the hotel room, there's room service too.

Dinner was 4 pm to 6pm, had to have early dinner cause the restaurant closed early.

Time passes real quickly, we had our dinner around 4 plus pm, had a vanilla milkshake, tasted so good.

Coffee with milk

Apple Squash with mint

Grilled chicken leg with rice, water spinach, sambal chilli, this is so good, recommended you to try this too.

Crispy duck with rice and long bean, another nice tasty dish, recommended you to try too.

Beef hamburger

Hoping that the next day comes quickly so as to be able to go sightseeing and shopping.

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