Monday, April 07, 2008

South Korea-Daegu-Doctor Fish Spa

After a wonderful breakfast in the hotel, we went to Doctor Fish Spa Valley. Oh my god, it was freezing outside about 2 degrees celsius and I swear I thought the temperature was lower than that. As we spoke, there were smoke coming out of our

Now the exciting moment to come, we were supposed to put our feets into the pond to feed the fishes our dead Sounds, but was told by korean guide that fishes eat anything.

Am surprised the water in the pond was warm, hmmm, how did the fish survive in the warm water?

None of the above legs belong to me...hehehe. I did soak my feet in the pond. At first, it felt so ticklish with all these fishes sucking at your feets, soles and ankles....hehehe.....ticklish....(laugh loudly).

After getting used to it, it felt so good, like massaging our feet. Poor fishes, they are eating our dead skins. I looked at the fishes, they looked so hungry, and I was wondering what if thoses fishes were piranhas.....hahaha We had this in Singapore too but I never tried it, maybe after this experience I might tried in Singapore and see the difference.

We had our lunch here and it was so good. You can view the photo of our lunch in here.

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