Thursday, April 03, 2008

South Korea-Jeonju-Maisan Provincial Park-Tapsa Temple(Part1)

After a nice breakfast at the hotel, we visited Maisan Provincial Park in Jeonju where its two mountain peaks resemble the ears of a horse when view at a distance.

The arch with the Chinese characters read from right to left said "horse ear mountain temple" (translated).

This is the map of the temple. Click on the photo to enlarge where you can see the red circle that is where we walked from the carpark to the temple at the foot of the two mountain peaks. It was a long walk.

As we walked we could see many such stalls selling BBQ pork ribs.

Some were selling these wild birds.

We came across the korean dog. It is known as the Jindo Dog.

I could not resist taking photo of the drum at the temple. The drum was beautiful with a very beautiful dragon drawn on it.

We enjoyed the long walk as we saw many beautiful things along the way. We even spotted some ice at the side of the mountains. It was so cold in here.

This is halfway the long walk. You could guess it, my sister and me were the last one in our

At last, we finally reached the bottom of the mountain peaks. There is the beautiful temple.

I took this photo from the top of the temple.

Looked at the steps made from the stones.

This is fresh water from the mountain.

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