Tuesday, April 08, 2008

South Korea-Daegu-Dongwasha Temple

We visited Dongwasha Temple to view a 33 metre tall buddha statue with a pair of lion satues and decorated with lotus flowers.

It was so icy cold over here as the temple was located on top of a mountain. I felt my hand was so icy cold and stiff when I tried to take photo of the statue. Even as we spoke, smoke can be seen coming out of our mouth.
The buddha looked as though it was crying but it was raining at the time and the rainfall caused the crying effect.

Looked underneath the left hand of the buddha, you can see the round thing under it. It was a bee hive. I had set a quiz in my other blog.

The mountain was above the cloud and the whole place looked so misty, wet and eerie.
Now we had to make our way back down the mountain to where the coach was parked. We needed to walk down these steep and wet stairs. Carefully, everyone of us make it safe and sound back to the coach.

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