Friday, April 18, 2008

South Korea-Jeju Island-Mysterious Road

This is the magic road or mysterious road where we can experience the strange phenomenon of going uphill when our vehicle's engine is turned off.

Take note of the slope of the road. You can see vehicles switching off the engines and going uphill by themselves.

After much excitement, the vehicle finally reach the top of the slope and started the engine again.

It was very strange but I guess it was some kind of illusion.


GMG said...

Hi Alice! Couldn't download the pictures... :(
Sorry for this short visit, but I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my blogs. This weekend, I’m going to take a musical break, and next week I’ll make a very short trip, crossing South Atlantic. I’ll try to catch up with your posts as soon as possible. Meanwhile, leave you with some chocolate champagne truffles at Blogtrotter.
Have a lovely weekend and an excellent week!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Now that is an amazing story i guess it leaves a lot of questions as to how is this possible?
Love the photos tho