Saturday, April 12, 2008

South Korea-Jeju Island-Tangerine Farm

Being a Singaporean where fruits farm were very rare. I was so excited just like the rest of our group, when we saw the tangerine farm. Full of tangerines.

Spotted these two lovely tangerines high up in the trees. Looked like two best friends fighting all odds and stay at the top. :)

A closer look at one of the tangerine. They were small compared to the normal orange we saw in the market.

During spring, the tangerines tasted so sweet and we get to pluck two tangerines only. Our korean tour guide was so wonderful, he bought one box full of tangerines and placed it in the bus and told us to take all we want.
He was surprised that all of us were not greedy and we only take what we want. There were still so many tangerines left in the box. :)

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