Wednesday, April 16, 2008

South Korea-Jeju Island-Teddy Bear Museum-Part 2 (Different Cultures)

This is the section where the Teddy Bears were dressed in different costumes of the different countries and different cultures. They looked so pretty and cute. I love them all.

Teddy Bear in Dutch costumes.

I love these bears dressed in Indians (Native Americans) costumes and the wigwam is cute.

Teddy Bears in Japanese costumes.

Arabic Teddy Bears

Chinese Teddy Bears

Now these bears are cute. They are in a dressing room getting ready for a catwalk. There was a section where the bears were parading just like models.

These teddy bears are in official costumes. They looked so handsome and pretty.

Teddy Bears in Korean traditional costumes

Now the best part after visiting the museum, one can shop in the sovenir shop to purchase teddybears. They dont come cheap.

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Lilli & Nevada said...

Those are so cute all dressed up in costumes nice thanks for sharing