Monday, November 04, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Day 2 - Lunch around Haeundae Beach Area

Lots of restaurants in Busan dont have english menu or comes with pictures of the food, many times we had to walk out of the restaurant due to communication problem lol. We were so happy to find this Teppan Fried Rice Restaurants that had English Menu, but sad to say the staff cant communicate in English so we just watch how customers at the next table order their food. They ordered some rice and noodles so we point to the next table and told the staff we wanted same. Although the menu is in English but we were not sure how to order the food.

Based on the above photo menu (circled), we order two portion of rice cost 10,000 won and add one portion of noodle 1500 won.

Then comes the interesting part, the staff would do the cooking for you. First they put the metal ring around the pan so that the oil and spices would not splatter on us. Once they cooked the spices, they would remove the metal ring and then start to fry the rice and noodles.

Verdict - the rice and noodles were good but too spicy for us. Surprised they eat very spicy but I wish I could speak korean then I can ask them to make it less spicy.

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